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AMO Trial Lawyers can take your personal injury, medical malpractice
or criminal case as far as it needs to go.

Recent Civil Results

$9,774,000  Roadway defect where client sustained a traumatic brain injury
$1,950,000 Work place injury resulting in brain injury
$1,075,000 Rear end accident resulting in mild traumatic brain injury. This matter settled in fourth day of jury trial.
$825,000 Medical malpractice
$744,800 Trucking negligence causing permanent soft tissue injury to neck and shoulder
$736,450 Auto accident
$640,064 Medical malpractice
$630,000 Trucking negligence resulting in lumbar fusion
$600,000 Auto accident
$575,000 Auto accident
$495,000 Auto accident (includes spouse and children)
$495,000 Medical malpractice
$493,000 Auto accident
$475,000 Auto accident
$400,000  Medical malpractice
$400,000  Premise liability
$350,000 Retaliatory action against employee
$275,000 Premises liability
$225,000 Medical malpractice
$225,000 Product liability
$140,000 Medical malpractice
$125,000 Medical malpractice
$125,000 Premises liability
$120,000 Auto accident
$100,000 Negligence
$100,000 Auto accident
$85,000 Nursing home negligence
$75,000 Medical malpractice
$60,000 Medical malpractice
$42,000 Medical malpractice
$25,000 Medical malpractice
$17,000 Medical malpractice


Recent Criminal Jury Trials

State v. Welch - 2nd Degree Murder Not Guilty
State v. Robinson - Terrorism Not Guilty
State v. Nagi - Possession with Intent to Distribute
Schedule I Narcotics
Not Guilty
State v. Garces- 2 counts of Cruelty to a Juvenile Not Guilty
State v. Solet- Aggravated Rape Pled on day 3 of trial to one count of False Imprisonment with Dangerous Weapon and one count of DAB Aggravated Assault.