We’re not just lawyers, we’re trial lawyers and a neurosurgeon/attorney.
AMO Trial Lawyers can take your personal injury, medical malpractice
or criminal case as far as it needs to go.

Firm Overview

Whether a case settles or goes to trial, our goal is the most positive outcomes possible for the people we serve. We’re out to help our clients, whatever it takes.

Being a trial lawyer is a discipline that requires not only an understanding of the legal issues involved, but an ability to mix the right blend of strategy, tenacity and showmanship with enough of a competitive spirit to fight tirelessly and push for a victory.

This is how trial lawyers are different. Trial lawyers have to think on their feet, literally. They have to outthink the opposing counsel and be prepared for surprises. They have to demonstrate confidence to the jury that they believe in their client. And they need the presentation skills to make a persuasive show of the facts in their case. They have to know how to convince.

While this is true of good trial lawyers in general and of AMO Trial Lawyers specifically, there is another factor that makes AMO Trial Lawyers stand out from the rest. One of our firm’s partners is not only an attorney, but a distinguished, board-certified neurosurgeon. With a background in pathology, general surgery and neurology, Dr. H. Carson McKowen understands the medical issues of a case from a first-hand point of view. He balances the trial attorney team of David W. Ardoin and Matthew W. Ory to make AMO Trial Lawyers a formidable opponent.

In each of our fields of practice – medical malpractice, personal injury and criminal law - AMO Trial Lawyers demonstrates a passion for the legal process that makes us fight harder, fight smarter and fight as long as it takes to achieve the best results for our clients.

For personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal defense cases, contact AMO Trial Lawyers.

We’re AMO Trial Lawyers.
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